mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Well, the local weather webpages were calling for (actually, shrieking about) massive torrential rain to fall tonight. Only Wunderground said anything about a 'wintry mix' preceding it, but alas, wintry mix is what we got ie sleet that sticks and goes puddly anywhere it can. The local weather webpages are saying temps will rise overnight to 8C, which I hope happens; but Wunderground says hovering near 1 overnight and up to 5 tomorrow. The rain will dispose of some of the slush, but I can see lakes forming on all sidewalks: which will be skating rinks when the temps drop back down tomorrow night.

Still am I content: I have my ice grippers, and sloppy wintry mix is what ice grippers were made for; no grinding them down on the pavement while walking between stretches of ice field tonight. Nonetheless, this winter can end just about any time it likes. I become a hobbling cripple in this kind of damp dank cold, and an acupuncture session barely took the edge off my knees' hysteria.
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