mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Any day that starts with the headline Ant slices off top of thumb preparing dinner for Dec is going to be weird. Ants don't have thumbs, nor do they do all their cooking for December at one go. In fact they don't cook period. What is this, Aesop Updated?

Then there was no heat at work, or rather, no heat on the first (ground floor) and in the basement, but the basement has the kitchen and a super-efficient baseboard heater by the back door, so you couldn't tell. They may be able to get it fixed tomorrow. Or not. And if not, I don't have to work; and if I do, not till the end. Meanwhile I survived today, with its snow dump and sloppy streets and chiropractor too early and couple of shifts I really didn't want to do. I grow Zen-like about these things.

So tomorrow I may get the 7:30 wake-up call from She's sick can you be me? But for now I have a hot bath and my rocking chair and the belief that, for the first day in three, I can sleep in till my natural wake-up time. Which is very contented-making.
Tags: rl_14

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