mjj (flemmings) wrote,

It's being one of Those Weeks-- well-paid but short on sleep onaccounta the morning phone calls dragging me out to work. At least this morning's call came yesterday evening.

Being myself again, I finished Raising Steam last night, quite happily, though I do wonder how Pratchett can still think people will naturally go for the rational and sensible approach when he has all the comments sections on all the online English papers to inform him of the contrary. Perhaps that's why Discworld is a fantasy?

Also one sees here the arbitrary and not-rational side of tyrannical!Vetinari--err well spoiler spoiler spoiler if it really was? Also I don't know what the golems were doing in the fog or how that bit worked at all. Maybe I need to reread whichever book puts them where they were in the first place, because I don't remember them being there either. which means it probably isn't Feet of Clay?
Tags: pratchett, rl_14

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