mjj (flemmings) wrote,

"Chop ice, drink water"

The regime for the winter. Even if it doesn't lose me weight-- being offset by Korean marmalade tea yum yum-- it means I can now get to the subway without turning my ankle in the six inch wide trench someone (I suspect not the homeowner) hacked out of that twenty yard stretch on the main drag.

Fuji Arts has their advertising all over the place. Clicked on the links this morning and cruised the Hasui/ Shin-hanga section for an hour or so. Woodblock prints are still as enticing as twenty-five and thirty years ago when I first started collecting. So what if the Hasuis are all later stuff from the original blocks? Some of my favourite prints in this house are exactly that. (I note the originals, where they exist, are double or triple the price.) Won't do it, of course: any spare cash goes on The House now. But I was amused to find myself momentarily back in 1989, my Hasui/ Koitsu buying year, with the world all before me and a strong urge to run off to Japan again, as if that would solve all my problems. Balanced by the desire to buy shin-hanga, so that if I can't go there, I can still have a piece of Japan to keep here.
Tags: art, food, japan, rl_14

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