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They haven't got no noses, the fallen sons of Eve - Off the Cliff

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Fri Feb 7th, 2014

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09:01 pm - They haven't got no noses, the fallen sons of Eve
Alas, I do.

It's winter, Canada has central heating, my skin is dry. I want something to moisturize my face and my mositurizer of choice, Oil of Olay, is priced just into my definition of 'unnecessary luxury'. So I make do with Nivea, which has pretty much the same ingredients and IIRC was proved by Consumer Reports to actually work. Unlike many other creams hem-hem.

This is the second Nivea product I've bought that has scent: not the comforting familiar childhood Nivea smell, but a rank cheap-perfume one. Sheesh.

However, someone at work said she uses coconut oil on her hands: organic, unrefined, solid white substance, can be used for cooking things in の coconut oil. Bought, tried, dry skin loves it. Does not contain water or alcohol as a main ingredient, unlike yes indeed Olay and Nivea. Also smells just fine-- a faint scent, much subtler than coconut creams.

The only drawback is that I love fats-- I've been known to eat shortening in my time, and butter goes without saying; and, well, I very much want to snack on my hand and foot cream.
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Date:February 9th, 2014 12:47 am (UTC)
You misunderstand. I like coconut oil (and shortening, and butter) *alone*. Pure cocoa fat yum.

Stick to Nivea Nivea and I think you're OK. These are Extra Strength and DNA Nivea for face and hands, respectively; and they're perfumed.

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