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1) The Korean super has korokke. Good-bye sensible eating, hello flammatory food. Deep-fried mashed potatoes: yum. (But all the online recipes call for beef! I've never had beef in my korokke, unless it's an unusually invisible sort. The ones that leave out the beef call for curry powder. Seriously, something's wrong here. Thinly sliced carrots and tinned peas- no other kind is that pale grey-green- but beef? Surely not.)

I'd try making my own but deep-frying is what I do not do.

2) Light and Darkness profits by having little line-drawings in each chapter, possibly from the original serialization, showing these late Meiji people about their late Meiji business. They look oddly like early 20th century American line drawings that ran in magazines, always slightly humourous; which is a strange accompaniment to the novel's very serious action.

3) Monday acupuncture, Tuesday dentist, Wednesday hospital, today 'drop everything, we want you to come in and work because the person who's supposed to be here is ten minutes late.' *Tomorrow* x-rays, unless of course someone else doesn't show up again.

4) It's nice to have the stitches out but the incision is only partly healed, which means there's this deep cleft in my index finger. Maybe I could take another week off work on the grounds that it needs to be kept away from water? Not working can become very addictive indeed.
Tags: art, food, japan, reading_14, rl_14

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