mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Triumph and despair

Ha! Take that, blobby bandage on my finger! I have chopped onions and diced zucchini and pressed lemons and sliced raw chicken breasts and cut up several unexpected varieties of mushroom. (Bought from the super's Used Fruit and Veg shelf, which is sometimes inedible and sometimes a steal; the packet looked to be one large portobello and a couple of brown mushrooms but proved to contain some chanterelles and shiitake as well. Steal, most definitely.) I think I was trying for some kind of risotto but didn't have the energy, so the result is avogolemono stew. And very nice too. The only down side is-- but naturally-- dishes. Those require huge amounts of mindfulness and patience.

Took the ice scraper to some slippery patches of snow this afternoon. Discover I cannot scrape without using my index finger, and my index finger said quite clearly, 'Hey, you just had that knuckle cut open, you are *not* putting pressure on it OK?' The snow will just have to lie, though 539 kindly shovelled last night's accumulation for me.

Meanwhile my throat continues sore and my right ear painful. I strongly suspect it's nothing bacterial or viral, it's grinding my teeth, which used to block that eardrum and make it pop all the time. (I think this the more because my doctor looked at my throat and ears on Tuesday and found nothing amiss.) It now requires codeine *and* ibuprofen to make swallowing anything but agony, though I discovered this afternoon that simply closing up the ear makes half the pain go away. And of course, so does honey. Bought the Korean concoction with citron in it: just add hot water and instant toddy; then bought some of the real thing, and a spoonful of that eases everything. Alas for the five pound loss of the holidays: I cannot see that continuing long at this rate.

A week ago, in my stubbornly dehydrated state, I stopped taking my water pills. Time was my ankles didn't bloat in cold weather. They do now, or one of them does: but the actual weight gain is barely over a kilo. Started taking them again Thursday and was assailed by Sahara mouth every night. So, off again, and we shall see what happens. I do wish all this would just go away: two weeks is long enough for any virus and its side-effects, I say.
Tags: food, rl_14

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