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Chopping ice at the end of the block this morning, I ran into Annie… - Off the Cliff

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Sat Jan 11th, 2014

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08:07 pm
Chopping ice at the end of the block this morning, I ran into Annie Canoe and her parents returning from the super up on Dupont, making their indefatigable way across the slippery slide. (Of course they're indefatigable: they went on a canoe/ camping trip with a six month old.) Forty-five minutes later, see me indefatigably sliding over the ice across from the super on my way to some wonton soup, where I run into Canoe père again. "I hooked my keys on the shopping cart for Annie to play with, and forgot them there."

Above freezing today, sidewalks became a choice of three inch puddles over concrete or one inch of water over ice. Thinking the former preferable to the latter, I chopped the whole flipping block from my street to Christie, except for the bits I chopped last night. Temps dip below freezing tonight, and the wet sidewalks a-run with melt will grow a film of ice and become killers again. I try to be philosophical about this. I also remember my past, since I'm evidently condemned to repeat it: somehow I lost ten pounds between November '07 and March '08 while still eating like a pig. This is how that happened-- shovelling snow several times a week-- and with any luck it will happen again this winter.

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Date:January 12th, 2014 03:49 am (UTC)
Much sympathy. The sidewalks sound positively lethal.
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Date:January 12th, 2014 07:11 pm (UTC)
They are that. How anyone manages without ice grippers beats me; and my acupuncturist says she spent the week treating people who'd fallen on their tailbones.

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