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Oh yes of *course* I chopped ice today, aches notwithstanding.… - Off the Cliff

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Fri Jan 10th, 2014

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10:04 pm
Oh yes of *course* I chopped ice today, aches notwithstanding. Actually I overdosed the aches with ibuprofen and they went away most happily, and I had some vigorous exercise to loosen the shoulders and shed a pound of water weight. 9C and rain tomorrow, which will be messy in the extreme.

I love that the Sugawara no Akitada mysteries are so obviously Judge Dee hommages (and here our clueless hero and his aged retainer acquire a dashing and disreputable servant while on their way to hero's new posting, now where have we read this before?) but am amazed that no one to my knowledge has ever pointed out how very Judge Dee hommage they are. The fact that the hero is no Judge Dee figure doesn't change that fact.

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