mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Evidently ferocious headache was widespread yesterday; one staff said she was seriously thinking of going to the hospital with hers. I took prescription muscle relaxants, and then more of them, and crawled into bed a little after nine with bean bags for neck and sinuses and everything else.

But! The bed I crawled into was the spare room one, where I haven't slept in a good four years at least. (Probably after I put the futon there and the mattress in the front and then found its firm support was no longer Too Hard.) But the side room is always warm and I was cold even with the heat turned up to a tropical 20C (=68F, which normally sees me sleeping, sans covers, in a t-shirt, if that.) Vagaries of my house's insulation, vagaries of my body, vagaries of this odd and violent winter.

The futon on top of its mattress is a soft bog-bed, which may explain the backache this morning. (Really, I must apologize to my houseguests for making them sleep on such a thing.) But cozy, oh my yes cozy, and warm and enveloping and I slept for hours and hours and woke as if in another world, simply from not waking in my usual bed to my usual thoughts. Must do this more often. Possibly after removing mattress from under futon. I have it there because achy knees find it easier to slide down than stand up; but the weekend has left me 2kg lighter, and my knees don't ache nearly as much as they did.

I intend to keep this trend up if possible. Last year's accomplishment was to stay under 200 pounds throughout. Reminded now how good pushing 190 feels, this year's will be to get to and stay under that.

And then maybe I can really travel, to other countries even.
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