mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Othello's occupation's gone

There was, the papers say, a fire at the Athletic Centre a block and a half away from work, around 2 pm. Did I smell anything of the 'waves of smoke rolling over the campus'? Did we even hear a fire engine? Why yes, faint and far away and we stopped a moment to say 'was that from the nap room...? oh no, fire engine...'

There was, my brother says, a garage fire up the street at about 10 am this morning. 'I smelled smoke and looked all over the house, wondering what could be burning, and then went outside and it was like bonfire smoke everywhere.' Did I smell any of that, down wind from the blaze, even if I was three blocks away at the time? Not a sausage.

What has happened to my nose, dear lord? What has happened to my nose?

(Not a thing, because I smelled everyone's BMs this afternoon as they were having them. But the other really puzzles me.)
Tags: rl_14

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