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Gender-switched Hobbit, with much fun as the comments segue off to Lord of the Powertools: "Do not read the instruction booklet aloud! For it is written in the Black Andecker Speech..."

Got this from [profile] inhammer who cites his subject lines, as ever- 'from "As Hermes once took to his feathers light," John Keats.' I, one-eyed and blurry, saw that as 'As Holmes once took to his feathers light' and wish it had been.

ETA: LJ seems to be doing its occasional trick of not showing lj users' names after the tag, at least not on my outdated browser. That's inhammer.

EETA: Oh, so that's how other people do it. Crosspost from Dreamwidth. Have done so, but as ever, the user pics part is a pain.
Tags: holmes, humour, lj, reading

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