mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Everyone should have my kind of trouble. My kind of trouble is not being able to find who did the Japanese dub voices for Legend of the Sacred Stone which everyone here knows is the Taiwanese kung fu movie done with puppets that looks /exactly/ like a live-action kung fu movie, which is disconcerting. But that's only the first reason for my current dizziness.

The story hurts my head the same way Indian mythology does ('These people don't think like us. No. They don't.') and for that matter the way martial arts-talk does as well ("Kung fu powers: Six suns sky fire, Limitless Dao majesty, Imperceptible Dao penetration, Summer fire, and the Dry cast of the eight trigrams and second hexagram in Yijing.") Also I'm watching it in Japanese because the Chinese dialogue was done by one guy and you can't hear him talk. I *can* hear the Japanese, mostly- well enough to know that the subtitles are wrong 50% of the time, which is another problem.

And I continue to watch it, all brain-hurtey and brain-splodey, because the Japanese VA who does the upright and lacking in Clue hero Su Huan-jen sounds awfully like Koyasu Takehito, last seen heard as the upright and lacking in Clue Keiki.
Tags: wuxia
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