mjj (flemmings) wrote,

(sings) You warm up my life...

I'm not a fan of the strollers they make for little babies. They're basically frames for holding hard-edged baby car seats: they're heavy and unwieldy and I can't believe they're at all comfortable. In my day we had old-fashioned baby carriages that let infants lie on their backs on a comfy mattress, swathed in blankets, looking up at the parental unit and/or the sky, as the case may be, while the carriage rolled smoothly on its way.

I've always wanted an adult version of a baby carriage: something that lets you be both in bed and outside and moving at the same time. Bath chairs are no longer in existence, so it's not going to happen. The closest I get to it is when I wrap up in neck warmers and scarves and such and go out to face the bitter wind, and can pretend I'm still in bed under the blankets.

incandescens has made me a scarf in lavender purple shades that is *exactly* like being wrapped up in a blanket. It's soft and warm; it keeps the chill off but I can breathe through it, even double layered; it's beautiful and I love it. I've been wearing it all day-- inside the house, you understand-- just for the cozy comfort.

Thank you, incandescens!
Tags: rl_13, xmas

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