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Day off. Gave shifts away to poor 'I have no shifts on Monday' person, because *I* read the extended forecasts. So of course spent the morning chopping ice because the sidewalks I cleared yesterday melted and refroze last night, as the sidewalks I cleared today will freeze again tonight. My version of Sisyphus.

No salt to be had at the super, which was half without power. (Generator for the very expensive turkeys etc.) I observe the bags on certain neighbours' porches who certainly did not salt yesterday, and contemplate a raid. (One told me 'They keep saying not to use salt so we didn't.' I think 'don't use salt' refers to snowfall and stuff like that, not MAJOR ICE STORMS THAT LEAVE SECTIONS OF THE CITY WITHOUT POWER.) Super only had sand, I bought a bag, found it too heavy to lift; they lent me a shopping cart and I manhandled it home over the icy tundra. Shall sand the unsalted. May sand the unsalted's gardens while I'm at it.

Chopped way to coffee shop. Had coffee. Then walked to subway and transited two stops to store that sells ice grippers. Bought ice grippers. Transited one stop to my aunt's; bought wine for Christmas, passed up epsom salts at $9 for 2kg; visited aunt. Carrying an ice chopper with one is unwieldy but useful-- one can clear those damnable sloping curb corners that are just great for wheelchairs and strollers except when they're slippery slopes covered in ice. Transited back to the stop before mine, bought epsom salts for $4, walked home. My aunt's tony end of the world was bare and dry: you wouldn't believe snow had fallen any time in the last month. Mine was... not as bad as I feared, but the Baptist church is again an ice field. Obviously, no Mimi wo Sumaseba tonight down on King St.

Still, things could be worse. Sister is powerless and has gone to younger bro's place in Oakville. Must be up early tomorrow but then- three days of freedom.
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