mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Yes, that's exactly what it's like. Well played, sir. My own wandering doggie is 'officious', except I found a mnemonic for that one. Predictably, I can't remember what the other word is that I always forget. Possibly 'gratuitous'.

Ounce of prevention dep't: the salt I laid down last night turned the falling ice into a brittle crust, easily swept away this morning. Looking up and down the street, I mourn that I'm the only one with such foresight. Where are the Italian nonni of yesteryear, who not only would have salted pre-storm but would be out at 7 am shovelling it all away? Tell ya, this is what happens when you let yuppies into your neighbourhood...

Clearly I'm not going anywhere today-- unless the temps go up enough to let me chop ice on my route to the bus stop, against tonight's cold snap.
Tags: language, rl_13
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