mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Happy Things

It occurred to me to wonder how epsom salts work. I googled and at once came across a Canadian page telling me they don't and can't. Like acupuncture, you know? Like acupuncture, best damn placebo I know of, because a saltless bath doesn't make me unhurt the same way.

Virtue is its own reward dep't: it snows every night, half an inch, an inch, enough to get trodden into ice. So every day I go out with the trusty ice chopper and scrape away the new accumulate from my block. Was doing it yesterday before work when a voice calls me from the porch of whatever house I was in front of. Is Mama Paisani next door, with a bottle of Valpolicella wine for me (bought, a rarity in this neighbourhood.) Ah, pseudo-boeuf bourguignon, here I come.

Call from paleaswater last night, hisashiburi ni, catching up on her move and kids and job and travels. DC is so much farther away than NY, sniff.

Dream of attending a meditation retreat in dream!Tokyo (looking like a small French? town) taught by Thich Nhat Hanh. As always, the cost of RL-Tokyo!rooms had me holding my heart: all those zeros, ohhh... At the end those who decided to take vows- an unlikely bunch of adolescents and children and me and a woman I really did know in Tokyo- were picking their names. You're apparently allowed to do that in dream Buddhism. One little girl said 'I'm Elephant!' and I think Lisa was Stork or Crane. I of course decided not to-- I wouldn't be able to sleep in in the mornings any more. Though I think I had the gall to phrase that in terms of Dante and Cavafy's gran refiuto.

On reflection, the town probably owed something to the Dong village I read about last evening in a sidewalk-acquired copy of the National Geographic, May 2008, about China: missing its special section on the Forbidden City, rottit.
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