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Either my legs have gotten used to boots, or compression stockings are the answer to that weird recurring thigh cramp that has puzzled my doctor and chiropractor and acupuncturists all these months. Walked all over the map today and do not twinge. Why something that stops below my knee should affect the muscles well above the knee, I do not know, but so it seems. And today one of the parents gifted the staff with a basket of socks from her company, and I snaffled two pairs of compression socks. Not the high gauge of these ones, but hey- compression is compression.

Also no one grabbed me to say Can you work for me tomorrow, so OMG I might have the day off!

What have you just finished reading?
Pema Chodron, Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change. One of the denser of Chodron's books, probably requiring constant rereading, like When Things Fall Apart. I find Chodron either very satisfying or completely opaque, which makes her a lot like poetry.

What are you reading now?
Iain Banks, The Business.
That book on Japanese connectives.
An obscure Kamitani Ryuu manga from many years ago, which I'm rereading because I've discovered that you can recycle books here, and so am dumping the undistinguished stuff from decades back. Was all ready to trun these ones but realized I couldn't remember a thing about them (a not uncommon occurrence: see that entry) beyond the weirdness when I first tried to read them in 2004. But this time I *am* going in chronological order of publication, and the historical AU is first, not last.

What will you read next?
Either of my impulse purchases of this week: Flora's Fury or Geisha, a Life-- the latter because December is a Kurotsubaki month, but there's no new Kurotsubaki manga
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