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The trouble is Second Cup has gingerbread people in December. I love good gingerbread but rarely get it-- the store varieties always have some spice that shouldn't be there-- so December, which ought to be devoted to fasting, is devoted to gingerbread.

Winter is here and I've put the flannel cover on the duvet, which suddenly weighs ten pounds more than before. This leads to much thrashing about in the middle of the night as I try to extricate myself from the leaden cover (think Dante and the hypocrites) to get out of bed to pee. The solution is probably to put a cotton cover on the duvet, and the flannel one on the fibre-fill quilt I sleep on, but this seems much too much effort just now.

Winter is here and it snows and I'm back to boots and walking everywhere because Torontonians don't know how to conduct themselves in rush hour. Four days ago it was 15.5C/ 60F ie spring: which I can now scarcely recall. On the one hand, almost nobody shovelled or salted their walks today including the university; on the other, two doors down did both hers and the widow Paisani's between us. Go 539-san.
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