mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Mostly on mindfulness

1) Wotta week. Four early mornings and a coupla 8-6 or 9-6 days. But! Yesterday I took the babies for a stroller walk! And am *not* in agony, or even pain, today!! First time in a good three years for that. Let us hear it for acupuncture, chiropracty, and very focussed mindfulness, because pushing heavy loads (sorry, Ms. Canoe, but you *weigh*) requires keeping shoulders down and back straight and never unthinkingly over-doing it.

2) My Canada ID card ('We promote diversity! We even have ID for those strange people who don't drive!') arrived this week. Now must be mindful to always set a little smile on my lips. Forgot at the bureau and the resulting photo... looks like certain corpses I have seen.

3) Mindfulness fail: must never ever ever leave the kitchen when a burner is on, no matter how low the flame, even to go down to the basement to put stuff in the washing machine, because I'll have forgotten about the pot by the time I get back upstairs. There are two things my mind refuses to remember, and that's the one that might destroy the house. (The other is buying toilet paper, and I get round that by having a stash in the closet, which I keep forgetting about as well so I never use it when I'm low.)

4) That said, scorched fingerling potatoes that have been cooking in carrot water and broth don't taste half bad. The vinegar and baking soda trick may rescue the pot, but I don't much care if it doesn't. I suspect it of being aluminum and not stainless steel at all.

5) Have I said before that I'll never go back to dyeing my hair? which I started doing at 35. I won't. The perks of being seen as old(er) are manifold, from strangers' assumption at work that I'm the person in charge, to the ability to coo at strangers' babies without being thought weird.
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