mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Diem perdidi

Missed yesterday's entry on account of drunken stupor. Slept twelve hours after same, which gives me hope that I may be unwell, and not merely so unacclimatized to wine that half a litre sends me to sleep for twelve hours.

Walking home two nights ago, mused that the grey damp mild night was so very much like London or Tokyo's version of December. Sighed a bit for the sweet long ago of the late 90s, when end of November generally saw me in grey mild Tokyo, taking exams and buying manga in quantities that then required me to get another suitcase to hold them. Then sighed a bit more for the sweet not so long ago where November saw me in New York, visiting paleaswater and, um, buying manga in quantities that then required me to get another suitcase to hold them. Manga- how last decade.

In an obvious attempt to end this soggy nostalgia, TPTB arranged for today's 'snow flurries' to be periodic white-outs and the mild temps to become record-breaking lows. Am in boots, can no longer bicycle (slick invisible skin of ice on roads and sidewalks), took an hour to get to my aunt's, who is 12 minutes away by bike; and as an extra chiz curses, unaccountably lost my subway token to come back by and had to buy seven from the machine instead, it being too cold, windy, and slippery to walk the long three blocks to the manned subway entrance.

I shall undoubtedly be using them in the days to come. But still.
Tags: japan, place, rl_13

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