mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Lost Things

Finished Scott and Graham's Lost Things. Which was well enough, but gave me all through it an unplaceable lowering of the spirits. The mid-West setting? The late 1920's time frame? The feeling of either myself or the characters being slightly out of focus, so that things failed to jell properly? No idea. But as in Death by Silver, there was an awful lot of getting from point A to point B-- in planes, this time, not hansoms; and I couldn't quite see the point of it. Props however for not taking the plot where I was almost certain the plot was going (to Germany, if you must know); I just wish it had gone-- well, somewhere more interesting to me than planes and dirigibles.

Probably I just want Scott's work to be Point of Dreams again, or something with the same layered depth and throw-away world-building. (Even Armor of Light has multi-layers, even if I don't much care for them.) And instead it's straight linear narrative, WYSIWYG: popcorn instead of a full course meal.

I do wonder sometimes if what really caught me in Point of Dreams was the cover of the original publication. It certainly sets you up for the kind of strangeness the real 17th century was prone to, that gets echoed in Astreiant with its functional astrology and phytomancy and its city government that certainly isn't ours. But cover or no, PoD is a grabber; imaginary or no, Astreiant is full of sense of place; and I miss that from Scott's later works.
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