mjj (flemmings) wrote,

One touch of nature makes the whole world kin:

That all with one consent praise new-born gauds.

(That's the bit from Ulysses' speech no one bothers to quote.)

That article on why Japanese webpages look the way they do had the techogeeky sneer 'they're so behind the times they still use XP!' Mh yeah. So do I. When I got this computer almost five years ago Vista had just come out. No one in their right mind used Vista. When Windows 7 came to correct the situation, my XP still functioned just fine. Why would I replace it? especially for a new-fangled 'let's change stuff that works just because we can!' system. I know where the start button is; I know what it does; why hide it and expect me to figure out again how everything works?

And of course no one in their right mind would buy Windows 8 for a desktop.

But Windows will stop supporting XP next year. I suppose there are things I could do to maintain the security on this thing. But I'm not letting it go, because I'm damned sure the version of Word I prefer (2000, I believe) will not run on anything later than XP. And no, I can't use Open Office: it mucks up Word 2000's spacing something awful.

So I suppose I'll have to buy a Win7 system for internet browsing, which is already becoming bumpy. (Then again, that might be my outdated Firefox.) But still, I resent it very much. Build it once and build it right, Mr Gates, she says bitterly.
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