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This year was notable for the abundance of fruit from any fruit-bearing tree in the neighbourhood, starting with my unfortunate bumper crop of cherries. Also the lateness, which is true of the vegetables as well, when they bothered to grow at all. My dilatory zucchini were still growing new uhh 'swollen ovaries' at Hallowe'en (did you know courgette is actually a fruit? Me neither.) The tomato plants in their front yard boxes four doors down seemed to *start* bearing in September, and for weeks I watched the many heavy green tomatoes that never ripened. The crab apple round the corner has bright red globes still hanging from its still green branches. They may still be there at Christmas, quite conveniently.

Today walking along the main drag I saw a pile of small yellowish fruit at the base of one of the doomed trees planted in concrete boxes along the way. (Doomed because it's the main drag and exhaust fumes kill the city trees there on a regular basis.) City trees don't usually run to fruit-- and then I saw it was a gingko.

Now this is amazing, firstly because no one in their right mind would plant a female gingko tree anywhere, and secondly because the dog-shit smell of the fruit (the reason you don't plant female trees) was absent. I wondered if they were edible, so came home and googled. That doesn't inspire me to go back for the fruit. Also this piece of lore: "Only the female trees bear fruit, and they need to be in proximity to a male ginko to make the nuts." I see no other gingkos around, so I fancy all there is there is toxic flesh.

Because otherwise I'm sure the passing Koreans would have grabbed the lot.
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