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Did a fast rewatch of Samurai Champloo 2, 2 day loan from the video store that I didn't get around to viewing the last two evenings because I was- uhh, well, reading, actually. The gay westerner who decides on the basis of reading Saikaku that Japan is a paradise of manly love is, in terms of statistical probability, probably not a poke at western fangirls and their vision of Japan, though just about everything else gets poked in that episode. Ahh, shakuhachi-playing basket-wearing monks who turn out to be-- OK, no spoilers-- but when you've watched as much jidai-geki as I have you know that all basket-wearing monks are agents in disguise. (Also that when you blow the house the ninja are in to smithereens via barrels of gunpowder, the ninja always emerge unharmed, and that eating fugu can be cured by burying people up to their chins in sand.) Anyway that episode tickles me mightily, and tickles me more because the VA who gets his Japanese pitch accents in all the wrong places (like me hem-hem) also does Nii.

I'd like to buy that one, save that the other eps on it aren't quite in the same league. I'd like to buy the rest of the SC DVDs, but I'll be pissed if they turn out to be heavy on the Reloadish filler stuff.

Charlotte when she saw his body
Carried past her on a shutter
Like a well-conducted person
Went on cutting bread and butter
I've run into one of those east meets west impasses. Let us suppose Goujun's younger brother encounters Goujun in his Jiip form. I can't imagine that Gouen will be at all delighted by Goujun's present state. He's small, he's a human's pet-cum-mode of transportation, and he's a lot less aware/ intelligent/ what will you, than he was as King of the Western Ocean.

Now it seems to me that where Goukou and Goushou would be affronted and outraged in their different ways and doubtless storm off to give Kanzeon a piece of their minds-- for all the good it would do-- cool-headed Gouen would realize almost at once that there is in fact a very simple way of remedying Goujun's current migurushii uhh 'unbecoming to an officer and a dragon' state. You kill him. End current life, soul returns to Heaven as per arrangement, Kanzeon changes him back. Perfectly reasonable. We already know that Gouen doesn't cavil too much about the means if the end is important enough; and hey, bucking the natural order worked last time, didn't it?

But while I'm perfectly aware that fratricide is a good kingly pursuit east and west, somehow I just can't see Gouen actually doing it. Possibly the very thought is so unnatural that it *wouldn't* occur to him. When your reflexes are Confucianist (though I forget how my Taoist-by-nature Buddhist-by-forced-conversion dragons became Confucians) doesn't kin-murder start having the same 'too impossible to even think about' frisson that incest does with us?
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