mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Round and about

The Christie St. Baptist Church a block away from me has a new sign. (A new English sign: the Korean one remains as it was.) This is a good thing. The old sign had capital letters all the same size and spacing problems. Calling yourself the Christiest Baptist Church is unCanadianly vainglorious, and likely to peeve other Baptists.

Have with relief cancelled finger surgery next week. The blob on the right index finger is unsightly, but I can't face four days of full-time work-plus on no anti-inflammatories. Last time I did this I was five pounds lighter, and still limped dismally up and down stairs for that week.

Have often tried to precise the yellow-brown-gold colour that leaves go in November. The names that occurred to me (umber, burnt sienna, old gold) are all belied by wikipedia (unless my monitor's colours are off.) But one shade seems to hit it right on the head: turmeric.
Tags: humour, rl_13

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