mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Fleeting moments

I've never been much good at kissing the joy as it flies, though people all around me encourage me to do so-- from CS Lewis' "the one thing you must not say to God is 'encore!'" thirty years ago to but natch every Buddhist writer presently expounding on the Third Noble Truth.

However, I shall note a joy that flew yesterday: sitting in the local coffee shop finishing Hundred Demons 22, a story of Grandfather and little Ritsu (and how nice to see Ritsu's father before he died) while outside was a yellow-gold November day with the kind of blue sky that vaguely recalls Tokyo. And this, I finally figure out, is because Tokyo is full of ginkgo trees whose leaves turn yellow and stay yellow, lingering on the branches well into December, so the blue and yellow contrast is there for months at a time at the driest season of the year, when the sky actually *is* blue-- unlike, say, April and May.

Realize also that the appearance of 100 Demons is like Christmas: a very nice thing that happens only once a year (though not always in the same month.) So it's as unreasonable to say 'I want more Hyakki Yakki and I want it now' as it is to say 'I want another Christmas, in February this time.'
Tags: 100demons, japan, manga_13, place, religion

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