mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Loose end Sunday, or Five things make a post

1. Why do I keep trying to make stock from turkey bones? It stinks up the house, it leaves greasy utensils and such all over the counter, and the result never tastes as good as the soup my mother made when I was a kid. Possibly I'd mind this less if I had a dishwasher, but the degree of hot water and scrubbing needed to degrease the kitchen after this kind of project is wearying: and the dishes still feel oily.

2. Have deciphered the twist in the second Hyakki-yakki story. A problem with timeline (tree in back garden falls before Tsukasa comes to visit) and identifying the wrong chin as uttering a certain line.

3. Unsatisfactory green trees started to go very yellow on Hallowe'en. Today they glowed quite satisfactorily in the frozen sun and deep blue sky. There are still a lot of green trees, mind you. Also are dropping leaves faster, mostly, yes, into the gutters.

4. Is it problematic that I'm relieved to discover Francis Knight is a she? Because otherwise I'm not sure if I'd want to continue with Fade to Black. Not sure I want to continue anyway, because of a certain regression to the mean trope-wise; but it's set in a city that's quite literally built on itself, so I persevere.

5. Culinary adventure today was Chinese five spice powder. Didn't think I'd like it-- fennel *and* anise?-- but with something sugary it caramelizes nicely. Shall try a more healthy tofu recipe next time.
Tags: 100demons, food, reading_13, rl_13

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