mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Stygian darkness

Dear feverish person who wants me to work for her: I live a fifteen minute bike ride from work. It's really not necessary to call me at 6:30 for a 9:30 shift. Still, it beats your personal best of 5 am for the same. We learn, little by little.

I can see why London would halt the construction of infinite sub-basements in private houses. The advantage of history and astronomical real estate prices: you can't just knock down four houses to put in a swimming pool and tennis court, and yes, Heather Reisman, I *am* looking at you. Still, I wish the builders of monster houses here would go that route rather than pressing their faux-palladian monstrosities or cubist horrors (thank you, petronia) to the lot line with no grass artful ground cover and no trees.

Mind, half of downtown TO sits on underground creeks, so you dare not even lower the existing basement; OTOH, half of London seems to sit on underground rivers where you'd assume the same to be true.
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