mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Melancholy Thanksgiving

Yesterday's gold and blue yields to grey warm drizzle. I read about shamans in Korea, which is a fast trip to Otherwhere, and The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, wondering if the latter is merely referencing the loving little heroine of Victorian children's books or writing one perfectly straightforward. This after ripping through the rest of House of Five Leaves yesterday, a manga which recreates a whole host of samurai TV show tropes, most specifically that ningen kankei trumps everything and everyone is deeply moral where human emotions are concerned-- and *only* where they're concerned. Cold-hearted killers will pardon the murder of their friends if they feel responsible for destroying the killer's trust in humanity; young boys will pass over the murder of their parents if someone they like benefited from the deed. Yeah, sure.

Also cooked a turkey breast, not being up for the extravagance of a whole bird. Brined the proper degree and cooked with a meat thermometer, go me. Alas, tried using store-made bacon sage and chorizo stuffing with it, which had to go around the bird, and which turned out to be incredibly fatty and greasy. Have mixed it with cooked rice and will probably add apples and apricots and something else to absorb the grease, like squash, but doubt it will ever make a palatable dish.
Tags: food, manga_13, reading_13
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