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1. petronia departed in Sunday's mist and falling leaves, and now my house is indubitably my house once more, rather than the Otherwhere it becomes when someone else is in it. Don't know why it shifts identity that way (mind says sardonically, and with some truth, 'because it's never this tidy when you're here alone') and anyway it only works with people I've known for less than 20 years. But recent acquaintance alter it quite out of recognition, and I miss the strangeness when it, and they, are gone.

2. I thought that the misidentification of a painting in the last Patricia Briggs I read would become a plot point. Someone says 'Here's the martyrdom of St Stephen. He's crucified upside down, as in the legends.' Ah, surely this man is an imposter! Um, no. The only significance is that Briggs didn't google 'martyrdom St Stephen' and let herself be led astray by her memories of the martyrdom of St Peter. This annoys me more than it should.

3. Reason the whatever why one should never tidy (unless there are guests.) Half my winter tops have vanished. I wouldn't have given them away, either because they were too ratty for Goodwill or not ratty enough. I must have put them away somewhere, and not in a drawer, because I've been through all my drawers. Must start opening suitcases next.

4. Have been wondering exactly which of the Kai generation Irene's Kai is. Not any of Gouen's, obviously, because Gouen is an uncle. Not anyone's heir either, I surmise, because heirs are not lendable to Libraries. One of Kaiei's younger brother's? (Not Kaisou, unless he's outgrown his bumptiousness.) Or one of Gouron's perhaps? I know they're technically cousins, but I'm given to understand that cousins in different generation turn into uncles and nephews without trying.

5. Another niggle. The use of may for might, and not in direct quotation. "I was aware Holmes may be in danger but there was nothing I could do." Dunno if might would be conditional or subjunctive there, or if it's just sequence of tenses; but whatever it is, it's what you use, not the present may.
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