mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Largely in laundry

Being how my Sunday was spent. Also in cleaning: the guest room is dust-free again, and wasn't nearly as bad as I expected, suggesting that my desultory passes with vacuum and fibre cloths actually does some good. Also! assembled the kitchen table from the gomi (from up the street two weeks ago, with aniki's help, because it's both LARGE and HEAVY) and now have a truly proper kitchen table big enough both for my clobber and to have meals at.

Finding Pauline Julien on youtube is random and disheartening because they don't have my two most favourite songs (Je n'irai pas au rendez-vous and Deux Vieilles) but they have three and four, so I must be content:

Tu n'as pas de nom

Une sorcière comme les autres
Tags: music, rl_13

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