mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Why you should never throw anything out

It's getting to be cocoon time at night: all the many layers of sheets and duvets and free-floating blankets, and of course full-dress bedware: flannel pyjama pants, tshirt, hoodie, sleep hoodie, and socks. The problem is the pyjama pants. They do not play well with the flannel sheets. They twist about the legs and ride up uncomfortably and bunch where one does not wnat them bunching. Also, well, if I wear them for several days I have the same problems as if I wore my underwear that long. But I need something that covers me at least to the knee and preferably longer. (Because things ride up as I roll about in bed. Also my current achilles heel is my upper legs, which *must* be covered if I'm to be warm.)

Enter the very long flannel nightgown I either bought or was given longer ago than I can remember. Late 80s, I think; maybe earliest 90s. Never wore because I used to be warmer in my youth. (That or kept the heat on all the time; I fancy it was the latter.) Never threw it out because, well, you never know when it will come in handy. Also I never throw out something that promises to keep me warm in winter and or cool in summer, is why I have stuff from 1980 still.

It works very well. The one difficulty is that I sleep on my side with a pillow tucked between my knees, which is hard to do with a floor-length nightgown. OTOH flannel not playing well with flannel means it does ride up, just enough to keep my pillow in place. I suppose it will do.
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