mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Monday and Tuesday the infings didn't need me and in consequence today I ached hideously. Clearly I need to spend several hours a day rocking babies to sleep in order to stay limber.

What have you just finished reading?
I.J. Parker, The Hell Screen. Which is not merely reminiscent of Judge Dee, it *is* Judge Dee-- based on one of the actual Ming stories translated by van Gulik. Since I never remember van Gulik's plots, much less the translated ones, I didn't catch it. However, anyone who's read Akutagawa knows who dunnit in that plot: and that rather irks me.

There's also, and still, a distinct lack of screens in the rooms of high-born ladies.

What are you reading now?
Karen Joy Fowler, We are all completely beside ourselves. Not sure where I got the idea that this was a literary exercise in Borgesian narration. It's by the author of The Jane Austen Book Club, so middle-brow at best. But definitely fun.

Higashino Keigo, Shinzanmono. My Japanese detective reading, which I must finish inside three weeks because four other people want it beside me. This always disinclines me to read. Maybe the Japan Foundation has it? but they want two pieces of ID with address and signature, and I only have one.

What will you read next?
Possibly that stack of promising urban fantasies I picked up second-hand.

Ohh must put the garbage out. Don't wanna.
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