mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Minor satisfactions

It's cold enough that I now sleep with three duvets: a polyester one under, the summer one over, and the winter down one on top. Eventually I'll put the summer one underneath, the only way that's really warm-- warmer than flannel sheets, even; put the winter duvet and the pillows into flannel covers, and be both warm and light. But September is September: in two days the low will be what the high was yesterday, a moderate 16. I will cast a few layers of clothes and bedclothes alike (since I now sleep in hoodie and pants and socks) until, of course, we go back to these lows of 8 and 10.

But I do like this time of year, where one can be snug as a bug without having the heat on. Also the leaves are turning, the first hints of yellow and red in the sunshine, which is always a cheering thing.
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