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Not sure where I first got the idea that turn of the (20th) century New York was a wonderland. It's not likely to have been A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, that I read as a kid. Paul's Case at seventeen is a better candidate: costly hotel rooms and hothouse flowers and women in expensive gowns and horse-drawn cabs. A long time after that there was Halperin's Winter's Tale, as far as I got with it, which wasn't far (the wikipedia article suggests why.)

The Golem and the Jinni falls into that category. After a month of light urban fantasy I found it slow at first, but then it swallowed me and I finished half of it in a day. (That's fast, the way I read.) It provided the atmosphere for all my dreams last night, including the tail-end one which was dream!petronia again, and again in her bedroom, which this time consisted of a large walnut bedstead that had an enormous flat-screen TV affixed to the foot so she could lie in bed and view the happenings of the world. Which, she implied, were not very interesting, being in black and white.

(I was envious of the largeness of her TV, but comparing it with my own I realized they were really about the same size. Hers just looked bigger.)
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