mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The dry leaves on my cherry tree fall in drifts-- already, at only a quarter past September. I suppose three rainless weeks in August undid our very wet spring and early summer.

Not a morning person, I prefer to wake at my own pace--around 9:15-- eat my cereal and strawberries in front of the computer, and wander out into the day around 10:30. Having to be at work at 8 requires doping myself the night before and bed at 10 and not grudging the 7 am wake-up-- because I could as happily turn over and go back to sleep even with eight hours under my belt. The only plus is that rare glimpse of the early morning world as I bicycle out into the chill brightening grey, and see from over twenty years ago Tokyo at the same hour, or earlier-- because 8:00 was almost too late to get a breathable car on the Sobu line that every-stationed me from Shinjuku to my language school in Yotsuya. It was certainly too late to get any room at all on the Yamanote down from Ikebukuro, and for two months the Yamanote followed a ride in from Tobu Nerima. I think I've blotted that commute from memory, but on early September mornings here I can almost recall the heavy-eyed trip on the yellow train in the fall of 1991, through a Tokyo grey through window glass and the typhoons of September.
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