mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Discoveries of the day:

Mooncakes (red bean or lotus or mixed nut) may be had at Kim Moon Bakery on Dundas, at $8 a pop if you can get the clerk to talk to you. I couldn't because she was deep in consultation with two ancient clients, which allowed me to recall the calorie count in mooncakes and make my escape. (Weirdness is happening there. There's a restaurant in back which should serve dim sum, but the menu out front is all western food-- surf 'n turf, mac 'n cheese, all-day breakfast. Front bakery part is not at all the bright busy store I recall. Changes afoot, and not for the good.)

Dumplings may be had at Yummy Yummy Dumpling half a block north of Dundas on Huron, a walk-down mom and pop store (literally) serving northern cuisine to families with small children.

Chinese ink sticks in many colours with twelve zodiac animals may be had for $30 at the nameless nandemoii-ya past Huron going to Spadina, the one that to me smells like cat piss. (Then again, I think marijuana smells like skunks.)

Last night was what I think New Orleans feels like- heavy, humid, purply, and probably much cooler than a New Orleannais could stand. Today is classic September and the cloudless sky is a ridiculous colour of blue-- 'photoshopped into the back of the tourist postcard'-type blue. Cool, dry, gratefully hot in the sun. Of tomorrow who can say, but Tuesday is supposed to be 33C with a humidex of 42. Shall remove the feather duvet for that, and put it back on when the nights go back to 10 at the end of the week.
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