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I think the 'clinging on by fingernails until Labour Day' topos began in 2009. It's continued ever since. But progress! of a sort: I note me being much less irritable this year than any in the last eight or nine, and generally in less pain. Even the hysterical knee ceased being hysterical after a few days, though the other one then picked up the slack.

All this is thanks to Buddhism and acupuncture respectively. Old dog, new tricks, yay me.

Am still devoutly grateful for three day weekend, muggy and rainy though it is. I feel all cozy bug-in-a-rug, reading on the sofa in the fan-wind while rain plashes outside. Next week we go back to hideousness as work becomes Grand Central Station athrong with moving bodies vociferously protesting their moves, but we shall cross those bridges when we come to them.

Last May I called the requisite city department about the two derelict bikes outside work that had been there since at least 2011. In their glacier-like fashion they tagged the bikes four weeks later in mid-June. After that, nothing. Wednesday I called city dep't, was transferred by bored clerk to Person In Charge, P-I-C was out of his office and his voice mailbox was full. Thursday I called again, bored clerk gave me email of Person In Charge who I'm convinced was on vacation. 'I put the original report in in May,' I said mildly. 'We were hoping we could get some action soon." 'May!' said clerk. 'I didn't realize it was that long. Here, I'll give you the number of his boss.' I call boss, boss is not in office natch, I leave the usual message, and go to work cursing all bureaucrats. Today I come by and oh happy day the bikes are gone! and all the pre-schoolers want to tell me about the men stealing the bikes who came and cut the locks away!!

Should I try my luck with the non-derelict bike that still gets left locked to a stand outside work for months at a time? No, I am magnanimous in victory.
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