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Not sure how condescending it is to say 'Peter S Beagle's generation was not noted for its inclusiveness, so how nice that his writing is inclusive.' Or if it should be 'Look, if *he* can do it, what's *your* problem, Mr List too long to mention?' Or if there's a problem that I notice the inclusiveness in the first place instead of seeing it as urban fantasy as it should be, Griffin/ Aaronovitch/ Cornell normal.

Anyway, very much liked Sleight of Hand, even if it sent me haring around the internet trying to track down a song on a compilation CD at work (no name, no track list) that sounds like it might be some kind of creole. Do not of course ask how I wound up with the Kenyan Nipeleke Kwa Baba instead.

Also reading Soseki's Michikusa/ Grass on the Wayside in translation. Not sure what the difference is between an I-novel and an autobiographical novel, except that bloody everybody and his brother wrote the first, to the point that one wonders if certain authors knew what 'fictional' meant, and (the blurb would have it) only Soseki wrote the latter, to everyone's shock. Whatever, I always suspected that Soseki was a bit of a dweeb, and Michikusa reinforces the notion. Not that he's any different from most male Japanese authors in that respect, she says sourly.
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