mjj (flemmings) wrote,

End of a long week

Beagle's story La lune t'attend has interesting resonances with The Parasol Protectorate. Pure serendip juxtaposition, but nice.

Left knee had been twinging at me for a week or so when I climbed stairs (as had the right one when I descended them.) Hurt really badly yesterday. Today flatly refused to let me put weight on it when bent. Can walk no problem; can stand on it one-legged no problem; cannot go upstairs or get out of chairs without 'Imma gonna crumble right now!!' agony. Acupuncturist says strained ligament of some kind with attendant swelling, indistinguishable from summer edema swelling. Fifteen pounds lighter and there's no edema, so fifteen pounds is going to come off pronto.
Tags: health, rl_13

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