mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Hunting dragons, and their sons

Liralen mentions the nine sons of the dragon and phoenix, so of course I have to google it, and this is what I find on a page that otherwise tells you more about tea than any amateur needs to know; and this page to tell you that nine doesn't need to mean nine exactly, and also that the dragon's (maybe) ninth son Pixiu/ Tianlu / Bixie can be made nervous by light bouncing off mirrors.

Names, for my reference: Bi Xi- tortoise, Chi Wen- rain, Pu Lao- bells, Bi An- tiger, Tao Tie (or Tootie, as one page calls him)- food, Gong Fu- rain guard, Ya Zi- the fighter, San Mi- fire, Qiu Niu- bridges of instruments

As ever onmarkproductions tells you more about everything than anyone would care to know; but useful, oh yes very.
Tags: china, dragons
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