mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Random Sunday

No Free Lunch dep't-- the second TO paper is starting to charge to read online. I suppose I can rise to $10 a month for access; I just dislike automatic charges to credit cards on account of they're a pain to stop happening. IIRC you can't just up and refuse the charge; you have to get the institution to stop billing. After Greenpeace-was-it? I said never again.

Have never been big on peaches. Childhood experience of them-- in the peach-growing Niagara Peninsula-- is that they're rock-hard until the moment, almost literally, that they go mushy, mold-covered, and infested with fruit flies. However the local upscale super (family-owned and not quite Whole Paycheque) has doughnut peaches, which are marvellous if pricey. Wikipedia tells me they're from Chian, traditionally what the Western Queen Mother grew, which makes Monkey's activities much more rational.

(Serendip moment: Googling around for Monkey gets me a webpage about the Gay Rabbit God.)

I seem to have pinched a nerve in my foot, or to be precise in the bunion of same. This results in a numb big toe whenever I wear shoes or sandals. Minor but disconcerting.
Tags: china, food, rl_13

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