mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Working means I do have (some) money and don't have time, energy, or brain cells for fretting. But it's an awful way to spend a life. If I wanted to be drugged all the time, I'd do drugs, whose effects are far more pleasant.

In the 'small happinesses' department, the city is finally repaving the sidewalk on Follis by the coffee shop. They dug a trench along it two or three years ago-- water mains, electricity, I forget-- and it's been an asphalted ankle-turner ever since, especially in winter. Hurts my poor poor knees to navigate its bumps and sudden declivities even when it's not covered in icy ridges. (Very expensive houses on that stretch and the usual 'can't be arsed to shovel' professional types.) Now I can walk to my morning latte much more easily. Or will be able to when they've removed the tippy three-plank bridge that currently permits access to the cafe itself.
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