mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Mh, so Barbara Mertz is dead. A respectable age and a respectable oeuvre, so rest in peace, Ms Mertz/ Michaels/ Peters.

The Egyptology books I read and reread obsessively in my teens; Amelia Peabody only for a season in the leisured fall of '09, after which I put them out on the lawn. But now I'm reading Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate and it feels like another of Mertz's series. Victorian detective fic and Victorian steampunk are not that far removed; I wouldn't really be surprised to find werewolves in Peabody's Egypt, and I'm already encountering ancient Egyptians in Alexia's Scotland. (They're alike too, alas, in the heterosex thorough bass running through the works, which I find ham-handed and unnecessary. Yes yes, you find your husband hot and you screw a lot, and you really don't need to tell us that again.)

Could also wish that steampunk would A/U the English empire; it's a bug, not a feature. Just make 19th century warfare the same as the 17th. If you must do it, keep it on the continent; but hopefully we've got beyond that into the realms of scientific competition which leads us to send trade missions to the Manchu emperor or scientific delegations to the Arabian caliphates.
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