mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Several Things Make a Post

1. Kate Griffin knew what she was talking about. She deserves credit for getting me to freeze my outdated cooking oil, liquid soaps, and hand creams; and throw them in the garbage rather than sending them with boiling water down the drain.

2. Made the most amazing stirfry yesterday. Mushrooms, ginger, bok choy, tofu and-- baby leeks. Don't know how baby they actually were, but smaller than usual in any case. Wanted to eat the whole thing; much more digestible than broccoli stirfry.

3. Finished Kirin no Tsubasa, fun read once my mind remembered how to process Japanese. Still has 1) that witless anime optimism that genki wo dashite and every little thing's (uh-huh) gonna be alright, don't worry (uh) 'bout a thing like being pregnant with no family and no job and your boyfriend dead. Is any Japanese character allowed to complain that they've been handed a raw deal and not be considered a whining crybaby? 2) that characteristic sentimentality in which a dying man can't just be staggering randomly to the spot where he dies because, hell, he's dying and not thinking straight. No, he must be attempting to convey a message to one special person who will at once understand what the message is and undergo a complete change of character as a result; 3) the intended to be admirable main chara who rears up in self-righteous moralizing glory, pointing the finger of God at smaller-souled mortals who do not possess his shining devotion to The Troof. This is a trope I've also come across before and could do without. Also the belief that moral purity can best be conveyed by having the pure tear a strip off someone.

4. Weekend was good. Would have been better if I hadn't been wrestling with snarling bloody-mindedness for most of it. But any day in August when I have to wear a hoodie in the morning and a sweater in the evening is a good day.

5. Today I tripped in the yard and saved myself from falling, just, by grabbing onto the fence I was staggering into, thereby inflaming both shoulder and elbow. Have a 9-5:45 day tomorrow with no breaks for the first six hours of same; we shall see how functional I am. At best it means much ativan in my future.
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