mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Have again come across a perennial WTF moment in Japan's conception of the world. Our heroes are off to a famous traditional western restaurant in Tokyo. Its signature dish: beef stew. Whenever someone is described as a great chef in Japanese works, their pièce de résistance is always beef stew. I do not know why. Maybe it's really Boeuf bourgignon served with a Côtes du Rhône or something (only our heroes drink beer, with karaage and koroke dishes on the side.) For me 'beef stew' conjures an image of home-style restaurants, all plastic-covered tables and ketchup provided, that serve mac and cheese or tomato sandwiches. Except that home-style restaurants around here don't have those either.

I'm also informed that Americans don't put ketchup on their mac and cheese. Now *that's* weird.
Tags: food, japan

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