mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Wednesday in an endless month

...which confuses because it feels, however briefly, like late August. Heat broken, cicadas singing, evenings growing darker earlier (and well they should, a month post-solstice. Still not totally dark at 9 pm.)

My stomach hurts. Suspect either a return of the mysterious condition that plagued me in Tokyo twenty years ago, or a reaction finally to daily use of NSAIDs. I hope for the mysterious condition, because I need my ibuprofen and/or celebrex to operate.

Reading late '90s journals written just after my return from Japan or on trips back there. When not speculating in detail about the emotions of characters in my stories, they're devoted to attempts to recall/ record Tokyo, in which they fail completely. But then I go to Starbucks and read twenty pages of Kirin no Tsubasa and there, presto! is the feel of the place complete. Just add language, evidently.

What have you just finished?
The Name of the Star, though I finished it on the weekend. Has been a busy week.

What are you reading now?
Paris Requiem, which grows on one even as it depresses.

What will you read next?
The new Magicals Anonymous, obtained from the library, and the first Parasol Protectorate, ditto.
Tags: japan, meme, reading_13, rl_13

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