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Brainless reading

So yesterday, cooler for some values of cooler, I was updating my sad reading stats when the brain said 'But wait! Didn't you read this other book? The one from the library sale? The uhh murder mystery wasn't it---' I wasn't sure if that wasn't brain short-circuiting, like the 'but did I feed the rabbit?' glitch I had for a while there. (I don't own a rabbit. Never did.) I had no recollection of plot or setting or even was it a mystery and not a fantasy, but vaguely remembered buying something at the library. Had to search three rooms' bookshelves, but yes-- a forensic mystery called Skullduggery, set in Mexico, and referencing a physiological condition (delayed epiphyseal union) last run across in my teens in attempts to date the mummy that might have been Akhenaton's. You'd think I'd have retained something of it, but I'm not even sure when I read it.

Heading out to a small friend's and considering evening reading, looked at Paris Requiem picked off the Front Lawn Library some time ago. A doorstopper, but possibly engrossing and full of sensa place. But there on the first page: "He also had-- though the very concept irked him, since he was an imminently rational man--" Oh dear dear dear. I'm not sure I can, really.

Also finished The Name of the Star which-- enh, agree with the Goodreads poster: 'Not amazing, but not mind-numbingly awful either'. Not its fault that it deals with stuff (the Underground largely) that Griffin and Aaronovitch have done so much better. When YA uses other genre's tropes it doesn't have to do them lite, but that's what I'm seeing a lot of. Then again, when genre does its own tropes, it does them retread, so no win there. And on the third hand, possibly people read genre precisely for the tried and true reassurance.

(Also, and this is just me, Johnson hangs out with some dubious types, like Libba Bray and Cassie Clare. By their friends ye shall know them has been a sad truism since the first Racefail.)
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