mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Oh right, it's Wednesday. Quelle surprise.

What did you just finish reading?
Pratchett, The Illustrated Eric. Little as I care for Kirby's art, it enlivened the experience of a rather run-of-the-mill Pratchett. Can take Rincewind well enough if he's illustrated and the book can be read in a single (hot) afternoon.

What are you reading now?
Various loose-ended hot weather things:

Melissa Scott and Amy Griswold, Death by Silver. Stopped because of flashbacks to hideous English boarding school stuff. May not be as hideous as I'm expecting but then again, might. Will go down better in the coolth.

Tony Fennelly, Murder with a Twist. Two of his 80s New Orleans set mysteries featuring a main character/ detective who is much more flamboyantly gay than Lanyon's last week, and thus more fun, in an Armistead Maupin sort of way. Also, well, New Orleans. Also, well, the 80s. Sober angsting is not what one expects.

Derwin Mak and Eric Choi, eds, The Dragon and the Stars. That collection of SFF by Chinese-kei authors, the one with the pointedly western dragon on the cover. Reviews are mixed but all agree the first story, The Character of the Hound by Tony Pi is a keeper. Song dynasty fantasy in which hanzi are umm let-us-say more than just a writing system. One cannot do this kind of thing with a phonetic alphabet, alas. Well actually, you probably can: I believe there's an occult tradition I know nothing about that imputes some kind of mystical power to the Hebrew alphabet. But it really *is* occult. Hanzi is just logic.

Still with Osoroshii and Dancing with Life. May only finish the first story in Osoroshii: Miyabe's psychology makes me go Duhhh.... Buddhist exposition doesn't go well in heat either.

What will you read next?
Nalo Hopkinson, Midnight Robber, or else the library wins. And the Scott.

What have you given up on?
Girls Fall Down. Another time, maybe.

Birks are wonderful things but if you wear them to walk several miles in the rain, as I did last Saturday, they will chew your feet to ribbons. Have a great gouge rubbed out of my right foot bunion that has plagued me all week, since keeping bandages around a bunion is, yanno, difficult, and then of course even the loosest sandal will chafe the spot or else fall off. Have finally discovered rolls of self-adhesive gauze; and that, I fancy, is what the doctor ordered.
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